Anatomy Courses

Enhance your understanding of the human body and learn about the transformational effects of yoga.
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Teacher's Training

100, 200 and 500 hour programs designed to give you the knowledge and experience you need to become a remarkable, safe and effective instructor.
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Seminars and Intensives

Two to three hours in length these 'short courses' on yoga topics can offer amazing insights into the world of yoga. Ranging from yoga pose instruction details to nutritional topics you will find these exciting and informative sessions.
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Yoga Insights Journal

Discover additional insights into yoga from the minds of experienced yoga instructors.
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Pink Ribbon Recuperative Yoga

An interactive, two-day, 12 hour course designed to share essential knowledge and information that is fundamental to the successful evaluation and rehabilitation of the breast cancer survivor.
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All classes are ongoing. You can begin your training at any time.

Yoga Classes with BYB Instructors

Julie Byrd


Located in the Montrose and Museum area. Gentle beginning to intermediate styled yoga and core conditioning classes. Open to all levels.

Yoga class schedule
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Group and private classes available.
Check schedules for details of classes.

Amy Garratt