Where do I find information about becoming a nationally registered yoga instructor?

  • Yoga Alliance is the nationally recognized registration for yoga instructors. Those who seek to be considered a 'certified' yoga instructor would do well to follow Yoga Alliance guidelines and become nationally registered. Balance Your Body Yoga is a Yoga Alliance registered teacher's training school and graduates who complete our programs will be able to register with Yoga Alliance and also use our classes as continuing education credits. We will be happy to help you with your application to Yoga Alliance.

All the information on your website has left me totally confused!

  • We apologise for the confusion and we do our best to try and make our information easy to understand. BYByoga training is very extensive and comprehensive in its entirety which makes it hard to condense into a small easy to convey package. We offer you far more choices than any other yoga training school out there which adds to the complexity. We are always available to answer your questions via email, phone or meeting with us in person. Please contact us to schedule a complementary appointment.

How long is the teacher's training course?

  • Unlike "crash courses" which can sometimes be overwhelming and leave the student unprepared, most of our trainings are spread out over a one year period, allowing students to absorb and apply what they've learned, and allow them to deepen the understanding of their own practice.

How often do we meet for classes?

  • For standard 200 hour program, the training occurs one or two Saturdays per month. You will also attend at least one hour of group classes each week and the schedule of these classes varies depending on the instructor.

Will the Teacher's Training Program interfere with my normal schedule?

  • We offer manageable program schedules that allow you to live your normal life.

What if I cannot attend a session?

  • We understand that there may be a time when you cannot attend a scheduled session. Just contact us as soon as possible in advance by phone or email to reschedule the session.

So the training is once a month?

  • For the standard 200 hour program - one or two Saturdays per month. All students are expected to attend at least one group yoga class per week.

What times are the training sessions?

  • All training sessions are held on Saturday. Full day sessions start at 9am and part day session start at 1pm.

Have I missed the chance to start your program because I missed the first day of the program?

  • You may start your program at any time. Each module is complete and comprehensive without having taken other modules.

I am worried I may miss a day of the program. Will this be a problem?

  • This is not a problem at BYB Yoga. Just let us know the day you will miss and we will reschedule you for that type of module the next time it is offered.

How often do you offer each module?

  • Each specific training course module is usually taught once a year. In most situations, another module of equivalent duration and content may be substituted. We have a comprehensive program filled with three years of different modules.

My life is too busy to commit to a short, 'intensive' program. Can I take longer to complete my certification?

  • We can adapt any program into a longer schedule in order to let you meet the needs of your busy life. That can mean just one training class a month.

Do you take breaks during the class?

  • You bet we do! During an eight hour module we take a longer break for lunch and several short breaks as well. During the two and three hour modules we take at least one break.

I suffer from back pain. Will I be able to take the training?

  • Some of our students have begun the training with injuries or chronic conditions that can make them uncomfortable. We offer cushions, chairs and other props to help you stay comforatable.
    Just like in the yoga we offer, we work to adapt the training programs to the comfort of our students.

How much yoga experience do I have to have before I can begin a teacher's training program?

  • We have found that yoga experience is not as important as a desire to learn. Our courses offer details of proper alignment and each student learns to practice safe and effective yoga. Our programs also require the student to attend a minimum of group yoga classes which will give further experience to each participant.
    For those with very little experience, our programs which take a year to complete help you better absorb the information and increase the opportunity of experience in group classes.

Where is the location of the training classes?

  • We start our full day sessions on Saturday at 9am at 5200 Fannin at Southmore in the UU church. We then will have a short break and travel to 1122 Welch at Van Buren in the Jbyrdyoga Studio. Our part day Saturday classes are held at Jbyrdyoga Studio and start at 1pm.

I am ready to start. How do I begin?

  • Your first step toward enrollment is to thoughtfully fill out an application and submit it as soon as possible. There are two ways to submit your application. Submit online: You can submit it online and our faculty will review your submission and will follow-up with a phone call interview. Be sure to leave us all of your contact information. Submit in person: You can complete the application and make an appointment with our faculty for a personal interview. Personal appointments are usually schedule on Friday or Saturday afternoons.

What is your mailing address?

  • Please send all mail to BYB Yoga P.O. Box 131451 Houston, Tx 77219.

How do I contact you?

  • You may contact me by phone or email:
    Julie Byrd   713-291-1851   bybyoga@yahoo.com

I am not sure what courses I want to take. Is there someone who can advise me?

  • Yes, our program advisors will gladly talk with you about your program options and help you choose the course that best meets your goals.

We look forward to hearing from you.

All classes are ongoing. You can begin your training at any time.

Yoga Classes with Julie Byrd

Located in the Montrose and Museum area. Gentle beginning to intermediate styled yoga and core conditioning classes. Open to all levels.

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