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For Information or to Register for any program please contact:
Julie Byrd

Phone: 713-291-1851


Mailing Address: P.O. Box 131451 Houston, Tx 77219

Class Locations

Teacher's Training classes are located at:

Saturday starting at 9am: For classes that start at 9am - 10:30 at Unitarian Universalist church 5200 Fannin at Southmore MAP - Then class continues at 11am at Jbyrd Yoga Studio 1122 Welch at Van Buren MAP

Saturday starting at 1pm: Class start at 1pm at Jbyrd Yoga Studio 1122 Welch at Van Buren MAP

Program Advisor

If you have questions, I know you want answers as soon as possible.
You may contact me by phone, email or if you would like we can make an appointment for a personal interview to answer your questions.

My phone number is 713-291-1851
The email address is
Personal interviews are typically scheduled on Friday evenings or Saturdays.

Some questions may be answered in the FAQ section. I look forward to speaking with you soon.

About the Balance Your Body Yoga Community

Balance Your Body Yoga was co-founded by Julie Byrd and Amy Garratt in 2008 as a way to create a yoga community that was focused around the key principles of recuperative yoga.

Together they have made BYB yoga programs an exceptional way to bring enlightenment to the yoga community. Amy and Julie look forward to meeting you and finding out how they can help you in your yoga journey.

The BYB Mission

Balance Your Body Yoga focuses on the science of yoga and the human body and the art of dynamic yoga training. Our mission is to offer students world class instruction with an exciting selection of comprehensive training programs. From the recuperative level to the advanced level, you will benefit from programs where you will gain the knowledge, skills, and confidence you need to advance your skills and take your knowledge of yoga to a new level.

We look forward to hearing from you.

All teacher trainings are ongoing. You can begin your training at any time.

Yoga Classes with Julie Byrd

Located in the Montrose and Museum area. Gentle beginning to intermediate styled yoga and core conditioning classes. Open to all levels.

Yoga class schedule
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Group and private classes available.
Check schedules for details of classes.

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