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Co-founder of Balance Your Body Yoga, Julie has been teaching yoga since 1990. She brings with her a background in human biology, chiropractic, Tai Chi, and Meridian Balance. Her background in human biology gives her innovative tools to better communicate the benefits of Balance Your Body Yoga.

About herself, Julie says: "I am a yoga instructor/stand up comedian. One of my greatest gifts, or perhaps curse, is that I am able to see the incredible humor in life and I like to share it with you. Another of my gifts is that I see the incredible potential in everyone to become their optimal self. The melding of these two things together can create quite an interesting class as I work to inspire you while at the same time waylaying you with humor. If it were a perfect world we would do all of our classes in my organic garden along with my darling dogs and my too many cats and we would laugh and laugh until our sides ached."

Julie has a unique capacity, a flair, for translating the complex language of western anatomy into usable, practical concepts. She makes learning the names of bones, muscles and connective tissues easy and interesting, so that yoga students can successfully integrate this knowledge into their learning.

She teaches why and how we are different from each other, the skills to identify these differences and the tools to bring each individual into a state of harmony and balance.

Julie is an ERYT 500, Yoga Alliance Registered Instructor.

Julie teaches yoga and core conditioning classes at her studio in Houston throughout the week. The classes she offers are filled with lighthearted fun, but also are grounded in scientific details. Further information and the schedule of Julie's classes can be found on her website:


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Yoga Classes with Julie Byrd

Located in the Montrose and Museum area. Gentle beginning to intermediate styled yoga and core conditioning classes. Open to all levels.

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